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Hope, healing & horses 


We passionately believe in the hope and healing of Jesus Christ and we're 100% positive that the world would be a better place if everyone spent 15 minutes a day with a horse.


Mission & Values

To provide a safe place to promote healing for youth in our community by empowering youth, through outdoor and equine assisted activities, to become leaders who inspire hope in their communities. To develop youth who have life skills, a sense of belonging and connectedness to the world and others, an understanding of a higher purpose, and ability to love themselves and others. Long-term this will result in adults who are healthy, self-sufficient, connected individuals, contributing to make our community and our world a better place.


stewardship & responsibility

We view ourselves as guests in this world. Nothing is ours, everything is the Lord’s. We aim to treat ourselves, each other and our resources with great responsibility and care.

vulnerability & trust

In order to grow into healthy, connected individuals we must learn to be vulnerable in our successes and struggles. We aim to build trust in relationships and model vulnerable, unconditional acceptance to every individual.



excellence & accountability

We hold ourselves to high standards of care, knowledge, and safety as professionals in our field.

empowerment & community

We seek to empower individuals for the purpose of empowering the community.



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We are proud to be a licensed provider of Stable Moments.

A trauma-informed curriculum for youth.



Our founders' story

In 2014 Jeremy and Allie Barnett began to feel convicted and challenged to live out their faith in new ways. They decided to do something radical and sold their first home and 80% of their possessions to move into a 160 square foot tiny home. This big change co-incided with the decision to start Safe Haven Equine Ministries and purchase a farm. Through youth ministry and work experience, Allie and Jeremy became frustrated with the "bandaid approach" of dealing with struggling teens and lack of long term support and mentorship in their community. They strongly believe in a varied approach at supporting struggling teens in their community- which can include consistent mentorship, use of therapeutic horsemanship, spirituality, and use of recreational activities that re-connect individuals with the beautiful world they live in! In 2015, Allie and Jeremy began to see this vision come to fruition after purchasing their 7 acre farm in Bourbon County. They now get to walk along side each other, an excellent team of volunteers, friends, and family to serve youth in their community. .