10 Ways to Find Joy

Buenos dias 'migos!

      If you didn't get a chance to check out the last post, click here. Once you are all read-up and pumped to put those words of wisdom into action, come on back. I took it upon myself to create, for you, a comprehensive list of joyful activities.

The Best Top 10 Joyful Activities*

1) Get up at 4am and drive somewhere to watch the sunrise. If you’re not a morning person, bring coffee and a friend. Be amazed at how quickly the colors change and quiet of the morning.

The Pinnacles- Berea, KY

The Pinnacles- Berea, KY

2) Make an awkward painting of a horse using your best artist skills. Tell people it's a horse if it looks more like a dog with a mohawk. Send your picture to SHEM and get it featured on our blog.

3) Watch a YouTube video of an acoustic song and attempt to play along with your guitar. Bonus points if you sing along.

4) Channel your inner interior designer and rearrange your living room. Take stuff from other rooms to make it feel new. Don't take stuff from friends' rooms.

5) Go take pictures of your favorite things with your professional camera. By professional camera, I mean your iPhone. You can also send these to SHEM and have them featured.

6) Make a cup of hot chocolate, go outside, look at the stars, and feel how vast the night sky is. You can also download apps that help you identify constellations. Disclaimer: This works best away from the city.

7) Pick flowers from the neighbors’ garden and arrange them in a vase on your nightstand. A little life in your house goes a long way.

8) Make a fancy dessert you saw on Pinterest and take it to your neighbors for stealing their flowers. Add a handwritten note in your best calligraphy.

9) Try out some dance moves you’ve seen other people do just to see if you can do them. Maybe do this one in the privacy of your home until you know the answer.

10) Fake laugh loudly while you’re in your car until it makes you actually start laughing. It will, I promise.


Bonus activity: Shave a design on a horse that doesn't belong to you.

Safe Haven's Mini Horse "Dixie"

Safe Haven's Mini Horse "Dixie"


Have any other ideas I might have missed? Of course, you don't. I never miss anything.**

Peace & Love,

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* As determined by myself.

** That is actually incorrect.

Finding joy.


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