You mean to tell me, the Holy Spirit ISN'T like Casper the Friendly Ghost?? Well I'll be.

Hello baby childrens!

            Hope yall had a bangin week and have an even more fabulous weekend. Remember, Jesus took a day off to chill so you should take a day to be totally unproductive too. It’s biblical.

            Like anyone else, I spend my days zooming through life until I find something interesting and then fixate on it. I go into WOA, THIS IS FASCINATING I MUST KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT IT mode. And then, as an extrovert, I additionally talk to everyone I know about it. They probably are like “Katie, please stop talking” but I have found that if I DON’T stop talking, they don’t have an opportunity to say these words. Brilliant, if I say so myself.

            Lately, I have been on a Holy Spirit kick. Probably a year or so I started hounding Jeremy (SHEM founder) about the Holy Spirit and how he fits into the equation. More recently I was able to harass my friend Kristina (a seminary student and cheerful, passionate Christ-follower) about him. I have also been reading the book Forgotten God by Francis Chan which discusses the Holy Spirit and who he is. From the information I have gathered, my original understanding of the Holy Spirit has been rather incorrect.

I’d always been taught that God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are all different, but also- the same.

Perfect, super helpful. Not.

            In my desire to try to comprehend this, I decided there was a dad, a son, and a ghost that flew around the world. The ghost also lived inside us, however that works. The dad and son lived in heaven, but people said I had Jesus in my heart so like, maybe he lived in me too? Also, I could pray to God or Jesus but the Holy Spirit, again, just kind of flew around doing ghost activities and listened in on my prayers. That was my understanding of the trifecta.

            As I have been learning more about the Holy Spirit, I have come to the conclusion that I think he is awesome. I am sooooo not an expert on him or how the three work together, but I do have a better understanding now and know that he is more God-like than similar to Casper the Friendly Ghost. I HIGHLY recommend the Forgotten God book, talking to people who are educated on the bible, and taking what I say with a grain of salt. My hope is that what I can share will pique your interest and make you want to dive into him more.

            Now, let me attempt to explain what I have learned. First of all, we have God the Father. He sent his son Jesus to earth. Jesus made friends and taught them about his father (the disciples), told them to go tell other people about his father, died for us so we could have a relationship with his dad, came back to life, and then went up to heaven. Okay, so while Jesus is on earth he talks about how when he leaves, he will send a helper to be with his people (John 16). He says it is advantageous that he leaves so his helper/ advocate can come. This helper is the Holy Spirit. My understanding is one of the reasons the Holy Spirit will be more beneficial than having Jesus on earth is because Jesus is one person being shared amongst everyone, and the Holy Spirit can live inside us and be with us all day, every day.

Now that we have this spirit living in us, what does he do?

            Kristina explained it (sorry in advance for butchering your eloquent words) as we pray TO God the Father THROUGH Jesus Christ BY the power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus gave us the right to come to God (Hebrews 4:14-16) and the Holy Spirit speaks on our behalf. He puts words to our feelings when we don’t have words ourselves (Romans 8:26).

            You know that verse, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me (John 14:6)”? Jesus is the truth and the Holy Spirit allows us to see it. When we are reading a passage and feel convicted, it’s the Holy Spirit bringing a truth to light. When we feel like we’ve lost direction or passion or don’t even know what we need, we can pray ‘Holy Spirit, come,’ and he will show us. He’s not a genie, but he grounds us and reminds us who we are. We can pray for him to refine us and get rid of the undesirable things and bring to light the good.

            He doesn’t just fly around and eavesdrop on our prayers, he lives in us and works in us. You know how sometimes you have those God Moments where you think, alright, there’s no way that could have actually happened, that had to have been God? It’s the Holy Spirit.  

            Our God is good. He gave us his son so we could have a relationship with him. He gave us the Holy Spirit to speak for us and be with us all the time. I can’t completely wrap my head around it and grasp all the concepts, but that’s okay. I’m a lot further along from where I started.

Have anything to add? I want to know!


Love & Ghosties,


Judge me, maybe.

Up Next: So like, what exactly does this Holy Spirit look like?? Hippy grunge or more business casual?