Who Let Her Blog?? Does She Even Go Here? Meet Our New Blogger.

Hey there!

My name is Katie and I have been invited by Safe Haven Equine Ministries to guest blog. It would seem my writing skills have been deemed adequate, and thus, I have been awarded the position of keeping you guys up to date on the happenings at SHEM and sharing our philosophies on life. I am fond of using excessive adjectives, typing things out phonetically, and if you can read my words with great inflection and enthusiasm, you will get the full experience.


A little about me:

            I am originally from Texas and was born wearing cowboy boots and a hat. My first word was ‘yall’ and like most Texans, I am irrationally proud of the state I grew up in (even though I personally had nothing to do with the Texas Revolution). I ended up here in Kentucky in 2015 because the University of Kentucky has a great equine program. Unsurprisingly, I am a huge horse person and have been kissing horses on their noses since I was a tot.

            I am a self-proclaimed minimalist and, if making your own deodorant and washing your hair monthly makes one a hippy, then also- a hippy. In my defense, if you google ‘no shampoo hair movement’ you will see that I am actually ahead of my time for hair care and my deodorant doesn’t have aluminum so I will probably live to be 120. Who’s the real winner here?

            I like hiking, making crafty things, and am competent with power tools. I can do six push-ups, one pull-up, and run zero miles (in 5 seconds flat). I love plants, country dancing, and not running. Most importantly though, I love people. All the people. Preferably ones that are nice, but also ones that are less nice. Maybe you also like some of the things I do and we can be friends.

Peace & Love,

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My thoughts on God.