Are You There God? It’s Me, Katie. I’m Friends With Margaret.

Hey yall!

            As the new blogger, I think it’s important to share my views on God so you know where my head is as I write about Him. I absolutely do not believe He is a stuffy king sitting on a velvet throne zapping people from Heaven. He is the epitome of love and wants us to know Him. Thus, I speak about Him more casually than most because I want to have the familiarity with Him that He longs for, not reverently acknowledge Him from a distance. Here are a few of my thoughts on God and why I think He is so marvelous.

1) He is hilarious. He spit on some dirt and rubbed it in a blind guys eyes so he could see. I mean, there were about a million other ways he could have gone about executing that miracle. (John 9:6)

2) He’s feisty. He would draw these religious zealots in with fancy stories (parables) and then at the last minute- PLOT TWIST- he would reveal that the people they related with were in the wrong and they better check themselves. Boom, roasted! (The Office reference) He didn’t beg them to listen; He bum-rushed them with some truth.

3) He cares. A lot of times people are like blah blah blah Christianity is all about rules. ::Gets out soap box:: Um, it’s more like when a parent tells a kid not to play in the street. They aren’t trying to steal the kids joy, they don’t want him to get hit by a car.

Because that would suck.

So, when God says hey, don’t have sex before marriage, it’s more like “Hey guy- if you have sex before marriage, you are investing your heart into this person you aren’t completely committed to yet and if yall don’t work out, your heart is going to be completely crushed.”  (God uses run-on sentences sometimes.)

Or, “Honor your mom and dad”- remember the aforementioned street scenario? Your parents have a little more life experience than you and, surprise! know that playing in traffic is a terrible plan. See where I’m going with all this?

4) He is so good. Our God is so, so good. He gave us senses of humor, passions, joy when we see things like sunrises and flowers, the ability to FEEL Him… How neat is that? He’s a God that cares and loves us and gives us peace when we feel defeated. He’s not too cool or too busy for us; He wants us to hang out with Him, all the time.

            I think The Liturgists nailed it in their podcast (Episode 7- 16:51, my favorite podcast btw). They talk about how we have a limited perspective and ability to understand God. Trying to understand Him is like trying to explain to a 2-dimensional character on a page what 3-dimensional is. The 2D characters can try their best to understand another dimension and can be partially right in the conclusions they draw, but they lack to ability to fully comprehend what 3D is. Similarly, we will never be able to fully comprehend the entirety of God. To think we can is preeeeeetty bold and presumptuous.

            My thoughts and perspective of Him shift and morph as I learn more and talk to other people. I don’t have it all figured out, but do believe the things on the list. Maybe you have more to add? What are your favorite things about God?  

I can’t wait to get to know more about you guys and tell you all about SHEM in the coming weeks!

Peace & love,

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