Do you have what it takes?

  • Ability to catch and groom horse safely
  • Competency in tacking with bridle and saddle independently
  • Basic horse handling skills on the ground
  • Solid, balanced seat at the walk/trot (and canter for some horses)

How To Get a Lease:

1. Fill out an application by clicking the button below

2. Complete background check and waiver form

3. Demonstrate catching, grooming, tacking, and balanced riding at walk/trot (canter if required)

What to expect . . .

Once you complete the 3 steps and are accepted as a free-lease recipient,  you can expect the following:

  • Access to a horse 2-3 times per week to groom, ground train, or ride
  • Times are limited to hours of operation
  • Bi-monthly lesson with Allie, PATH Certified Instructor (if you so choose) 
  • Use of barn, outdoor cross ties, round pen, and 60 x 120 arena 
  • We have 6 therapy horses and will help you decide which one is a good fit! Some are considered a little "green" under saddle. Some are walk/trot only. Some can jump! Some have weight restrictions. All of them are LOVELY beings and we trust you'll find one that you'll adore.
  • Dates for free leases:: 

  • spring: March 12 - May 14

  • Summer: June 4 - july 27

Not a rider? Prefer donkeys? 

We've got you covered! Follow the same process to obtain a free lease of our miniature horses or donkey. They need love too and you can practice your ground training skills! **Donkey "lease" will only we awarded to someone demonstrating excellent ground training, natural horsemanship skills, patience, and gentleness.