Top Runners:

Winner: Stitches $905

Current 2nd: Scarlet $460

Current 3rd: Jazz $455

Our Safe Haven Donation Derby is a race to fund our therapy horses April 1 - May 4th! GET INVOLVED today and bet on your favorite horse! See who’s winning below:


Become a part of the solution

Join us in the long term endeavor of changing the lives of teens in Central Kentucky.  Together we can create lasting, sustainable change. 

Any amount helps us achieve our goals! SHEM is 100% run on donations and is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Thank you for investing in the lives of teens in the Central Kentucky area. 

Our monthly sponsors are the life blood of our non-profit! Their continual support allows us to continue planning programming to serve the community. From $5 to $500, each dollar makes a difference! 

We're always looking for new people to help us care for our horses, mentor our participants and more. Whether you just want to volunteer for one day or commit to serving on a consistent basis, we'd love to have you!


Upcoming Events

Mentor Trainings

If you are interested in becoming a trauma-informed mentor please shoot an email to

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