Become a part of the solution

Join us in the long term endeavor of changing the lives of teens in Central Kentucky.  Together we can create lasting, sustainable change. 

Any amount helps us achieve our goals! SHEM is 100% run on donations and is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Thank you for investing in the lives of teens in the Central Kentucky area. 

Our monthly sponsors are the life blood of our non-profit! Their continual support allows us to continue planning programming to serve the community. From $5 to $500, each dollar makes a difference! 

We're always looking for new people to help us care for our horses, mentor our participants and more. Whether you just want to volunteer for one day or commit to serving on a consistent basis, we'd love to have you!


Upcoming Events

Mentor Trainings

If you are interested in becoming a trauma-informed mentor please shoot an email to

June 26-28 Summer clinic: ground work games

Join us for an equine clinic on ground work games! Learn training games to play with your horse on the ground! Each participant will be assigned a horse for the clinic. Games are influenced from natural horsemanship training techniques and parreli horsemanship. Open to 12-18 year olds. Beginners are welcome and advanced can benefit! Slots are very limited! Register today at Cost $100

june 26-28 summer clinic: hands on equine science & CARE

Learn equine science with your assigned horse! This clinic includes fun, hands-on learning activities and games that will teach the basics of equine anatomy, movement, breeds, colors, markings, nutrition, and more! We will also cover basic horse care including grooming and basic medical treatments. All levels of learners are welcome! Open to 12-18 year olds. Register today at Cost: $60

july 22-25 summer camp: overnight high school girls

High School Girls Summer camp is a great learning experience for all! The goal of this camp is to allow for connection with other girls, the outdoors, and their horse. Our hope is that each young woman leaves feeling rested, more aware, and empowered to move forward in life! Each camper will be assigned their horse for the week. Camp activities include creative projects, team building games, learning horse basics, caring for their horse, farm chores, ground training with their horse, and riding lessons. Slots are extremely limited, register here: Cost: $350

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